Check-in's and Tracking
Auto Check-ins on event entry.

Social Network linked Tags lets users post facebook and foursquare
Updates. Check-in guests across multiple devices in real time. Track guest loyalty and offer instant rewards.
Photo Booth
Click and share pics from our photo kiosk

Our photo booths make it simple for users to directly share photos on
social media. Choose among various photo devices we offer. Select anything from a 7 inch tablet to 42 inch touch screen kiosk, whatever suits your event best.
Brand Promotion
Social brand ambassadors.

Flexible solutions for brand building on social media. Post event updates, photo campaigns, videos and audio through pure user genrated content.
Sales, ticketing, access control

Measure Real-time data from ticketing, access control and social feeds in an unprecendented manner. Plan your event better, promote it better.
User Spending trends
Track and reward customer loyalty

Manage your inventory, give various POS options to users. Track user billing to create custom deals. Understand and serve your users better
Quick, easy and trackable ticketing.

Register new users for tickets on the spot or online or integrate our API with various ticketing partners. Users may even simply recharge their SUP bands online to buy new tickets for your event.
SUP Band Registration
Register new users instantly

Choose from various form factors like wristbands, cards, stickers etc as your ticket or social media card. Register users instantly and access data anytime from cloud.
Faster Access
Quick registration and mobile ticketing

Register users faster. Use our NFC readers to book tickets from multiple locations.Fast and efficient entry which links your ticket with NFC social media and keeps all the data safe and accessible.